Whether isotonic drinks healthy ?

Whether isotonic drinks healthy ?

Isotonic often favored when the body temperature is hot, usually after sport or activity when productivity is high.

but what if the health of the isotonic drinks are healthy for our bodies ?

let us see.

Isotonic drinks are usually a bit salty because the salt content in it there where the content of these substances makes the throat feel fresh. Some of the substances contained in beverages such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and carbohydrates that can be made isotonic easily absorbed by the body and is suitable for people who likes sports such as soccer, indoor soccer and other strenuous sports.

The content of the isotonic drinks:

  • Isotonic drinks contain a variety of minerals needed by the body
  • Isotonic levels only 26 calories per tin
  • enriched with vitamin C
  • Isotonic beverage that is none other than 0.9% salt solution.
  • Ion which is described very beneficial for the body as well actually not just contained in isotonic, any salt that is dissolved in water will definitely turn into ions Na and Cl ions.

The content of additives in isotonic:

  • glucose
  • citric acid
  • sodium citrate
  • sodium chloride
  • vitamin C
  • potassium chloride
  • carbonate
  • magnesium
  • calcium lactate

Benefits isotonic drinks:

  • Rapid absorption of the body

This isotonic drink can be absorbed by the body quickly because it has the same levels of drink blood, because these drinks contain a lot of electrolytes and salt which is ideal to drink while exercising.

  • Can cure diarrhea

While it is recommended to consume diarrhea rehydration drink that much, and drinking isotonic drinks are useful as a substitute for oral dehydration because it implies that almost the same

Isotonic drinks is the replacement of body fluids are lost every day due to a variety of activities. Especially in a state of fasting, but the activity is still running normally.

Side effects of isotonic drinks:
  • May affect the teeth and stomach

Nitric acid content which makes the drink is not good for the teeth and stomach

  • Can bring dizziness and head become heavy

If isotonic drinks are consumed in excess it will cause dizziness while exercising or activity.

This isotonic drink should be taken when high activity such as a discharge of sweat and a lot with that beverage can replace lost body fluids. but what if the low activity but always drink isotonic?

as much as you drink that water because it is more healthy for our body if we always drink isotonic in any circumstances can cause diseases such as side effects that have been described above.

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