Voting for the Small Business

Voting for the Small Business

It is just around the corner, no, not the pharmacy, the national election. In fact, I just got back from early voting. There were a lot of voters and voting machines. The process was fairly painless. As a small business owner you have the right and the obligation to vote for the candidate who will help your business survive or at least will not create road blocks that cause you to stumble and fall.

I can''t tell you which party or candidate or issue to vote for, or against, but you need to know that the persons you vote for, both nationally and locally, may be in a position that can help you or hinder you and your business. Different parties have different agendas, and depending on what kind of business you have, may make the difference in your long term success or failure.

Here are my suggestions:

· Study the issues - Find the issues that affect you and your business. Read about them from opposing sides of the argument. Learn how they could affect you over time.

· Investigate each candidate - Is this a trustworthy individual? How is their track record? Where do they come down on each issue that affects you?

· Visit with others - What are your employees saying about the issues and candidates? Is there a clear choice? Try discussing the issues and candidates with competitors and major customers. Maybe you are part of a trade association and that group has an opinion to think about.

· Make a decision - This can be the hard part. Sometimes it comes down to a gut feeling while you are standing in the polling both. Or it could be a cut and dry thing. Either way, you need to "make your mark" and "pull the lever" for the candidate and or proposition that favors your business and your livelihood.

Some elections are more important than others. If you live in a State that is "already decided" one way or another, certain votes might not be as important as others. Maybe a local issue, like a tax hike for the creation of a bond to spend your money, is more important this year than other issues and offices. If so, that is where you should spend your time and energy.

We are lucky in America to have the right to vote on so many different things and people. It is part of the reason we have been a leader in the world and have been able to keep going for so long. So this year and in future elections do your duty as a citizen and business owner and vote for the person who will help you and not get in your way. Good luck.

Randal Roberts has over 30 years of commercial and international banking experience. He has helped more than 2,500 different companies with their businesses. He is willing to help you find the resources you need to start your own business or improve the one that you already have. Visit for more information.