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Pregnant Man Gives Birth  ??? - Pregnancy Health

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Thomas Beatie, who garnered media attention as the “pregnant man,” gave birth to a baby girl today! Beatie and his wife, Nancy, have not disclosed the method of delivery. The child is Thomas’s first. Nancy has two daughters from a previous relationship. Congratulations to the family!

Thomas Beatie, a transgender man whose pregnancy received international attention, has given birth to a healthy girl in Bend.

Beatie, 34, and his wife, Nancy Beatie, 46, own a T-shirt printing business in Bend.

In March, Beatie revealed that he was pregnant, surprising neighbors and landing the couple on the “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and in People Magazine, which reported Thursday that Beatie delivered via natural birth on June 29.

“The only thing different about me is that I can’t breast-feed my baby. But a lot of mothers don’t,” he told the magazine.

A video posted on appeared to show Beatie, dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and shorts, leaving St. Charles Medical Center in Bend on Thursday as his wife walked ahead beside a woman in blue scrubs carrying a covered bundle to a car.

“Due to federal regulations, I can not confirm or deny the entrance of this person in our facility,” said Janette Sherman, a hospital spokeswoman.

Beatie began life as a woman, Tracy Langondino, even competing in a Miss Hawaii Teen USA Pageant, before deciding as an adult to identify as a man. He had his breasts surgically removed, began taking testosterone treatments and is now legally a man.

But Beatie retained his female sexual reproductive organs while Nancy Beatie, the mother of two grown daughters, had a hysterectomy for medical reasons.

So when the couple decided to have a child, it was Thomas who became artificially inseminated and carried the child to term.

Although Beatie probably is not the first transgender man to become pregnant, the couple’s decision to make their story public has sparked debate in Bend and beyond about nontraditional families.

“Our situation ultimately will ask everyone to embrace the gamut of human possibility and to define for themselves what is normal,” Thomas Beatie wrote in an essay for The Advocate, a U.S.-based gay and lesbian magazine.

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