Manual Transmission Shifting Techniques

Manual Transmission Shifting Techniques
Manual Transmission Shifting Techniques

If you own a manual transmission car, then it is imperative that you learn manual transmission shifting techniques, so that you learn to change the gears correctly and also at the right time.

One of the first techniques that you should learn is how the manual transmission works. Remember, each gear change is different and the shift has to be moved in a different direction with the right amount of pressure if you want to change the gear. In addition, you should know the function of the foot pedals (there are 3 of them) and when each pedal should be used.

The accelerator pedal helps to increase the speed of the car. The brake pedal is used to reduce the speed or stop the car completely. While the clutch pedal, which is the most important pedal, is connected to the clutch plate located in the gearbox. When you press this pedal down, the energy no longer reaches the engine and you can change from one gear to the next. Basically, when the clutch pedal is depressed, the car goes into neutral and the engine and the gear box are not connected.

When you want the car to move forward, you have to press down the clutch pedal with your foot, move the gear to the center position. Thereafter, you have to start the engine, press the clutch again and then shift the gear to first gear. Then slowly release the clutch pedal while pressing down on the accelerator pedal simultaneously. This coordination is important and this where people need time to learn. If you release the clutch before pressing down the accelerator sufficiently, the car will jerk and stall.

When you are driving and you want to increase or reduce the speed, press the clutch pedal and change the gear appropriately. If you are driving in a congested road, make sure that you drive on a lower gear. This will help fuel economy and also put less strain on the transmission and engine.

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