Health is Wealth – Health Tips

Health is Wealth – Health Tips

In life, there are many aspects a person should consider in order to live blissfully. Mainly, health and financial aspects are more intriguing in our world today. What should really come first, a health of a person or its wealth? What is in that health wherein we linked it to wealth in a quotation, “health is wealth”?

Health, in its broader sense, it is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Wealth, on the other viewpoint, is the abundance of valuable material or resource possessions. Its meaning is context-dependent and there is no universally agreed upon definition, thus, generally it is defined as “anything of value”. At this point, it is implied that with these two aspects, health is more important rather than wealth. Wealth is being linked with health because of its appropriation to its meaning that implies health is valuable to a human person.

However, most of the people nowadays risk their health in order to be wealthy. These people think that making more money makes them happier. Mostly, people consider wealth as more important than anything else since money, as they think, can buy everyone and everything making them powerful. Nevertheless it is more reasonable to have a good health and good life.

Stress is always a part of daily lives. It is a feeling that is generated when we react to some particular event. It is the human body’s way of going up with a challenge and get ready to meet hard situation with strength, focus, heightened alertness, and stamina. It is, on human individuals, on how to minimize and manage stress. Stress and strain are mostly the effects of overworking. However, as it is inferred, stress can be minimized and managed, hence, strain can be avoided.

Human must eat, at least, three meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner and optionally, with two snacks, one in the morning and afternoon. Sleep, as a vital component of human body, is needed for conserving energy, which is useful in doing his daily activities. Exercise, another component, is not required, but is recommended in order to enhance and maintain physical fitness to avoid strain. And last, but not the least, relaxation, the simplest component, but the forgotten one. It is suggested to just sit and look around to let one’s mind rest for a while that helps a person to think absolutely what it must be.

Happiness is not only focusing on one goal in life, for some, money, it is on how an individual deals with the challenges that comes after him. There is no busy person at all. It is on the management and prioritization of the doings of a person. A real happiness subsists as of being capable of appreciating the beauty of each day and living up to acknowledge the delight that comes even the simplest moments with family and friends. Anyway, everything we do is for our beloved and enjoy world with them is the best accomplishment above all. Living life must always be in-balance. Do yourself a favour and have good health, yet have a nurturing wealth.

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