Determining Which Type of Eyeliner Should You Use – Health & Beauty

Determining Which Type of Eyeliner Should You Use – Health & Beauty

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Determining Which Type of Eyeliner Should You Use

Make-ups are fun colors that brighten up the face. They are like paintings that bring beauty to a boring canvass. With a simple eyeliner, you can emphasize well your eyes and change the way you look. As you may know, there are various types of eyeliners. You have been using some of these in your daily make-up rouine or going out. The question is, are you really using it correctly? Does your eyeliner match your look and go with your other make-ups?

Knowing the various types of eyeliner will guide you on choosing the right one for your look. You will know each of its uses so you’ll be able to decide what type of eyeliner you’ll be using.

1. Pencil liner- The pencil type is the most common among all. It’s just like a pencil that writes into your lids. Oridnary ones can be sharpened. With newer models, you don’t have to shave them since they can be twisted to expose the tip. Pencils range from lighten to darker shades. It’s best use to achieve a natural look. For those with oily skin, pencils stay longer. Kohl liners are dark and can be smudged to create a dramatic effect. They’re easy to use and very affordable. Sharpen pencil liners often to bring out cleaner and well-contoured tip. Just hold them like an ordinary pencil and line the eyes as closest to the lids.

2. Liquid liner - Liquid liners create a more creative look. You can change the shape and size of your eyes instantly with these. These come in waterproof so they can stay long enough even if you’re sweating or become oily. One disadavantage of these liners as claimed by other users is that it’s quite difficult to use. If you’re not used to wearing liquid liners, it’s tricky to handle and line the lids. Make sure your liquid liner is wet enough. When your liner starts to dry, this means it’s time to toss it and get a new one. Liquid liners are fast drying and are easy to remove. Dip the brush into its container and line the eyes starting from the inner corner to the outer corner. There are liners that come in pens which are easier to use as similar to pencils. When you made a mistake in lining, you can use a wet cotton bud to remove the smudge.

3. Cream or gel liner – It’s the newest type in the market. Gel liners come in a separate container with a brush to use in lining the eyes. Gel liners are thicker and bolder. These can last really long. Cream eyeliners come in various color. You can choose browns to blacks depending on the effect you want. For a softer look, brown liners can bring a natural and fresh look. These even come in glitters that are perfect for parties and events.These work like liquid liners the only difference is the consistency of the pigment. The pigment is more sticky and formed than liquid liners.

These are three main types of eyeliners you can choose from. Create various interesting looks everyday with your eyeliners. Be adventurous and creative. Play with your looks and enjoy the lovely you with your new make-up on.

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