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The Lamentations of Hardcore Bodybuilding Training « Total Army Fitness

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The Lamentations of Hardcore Bodybuilding Training

Author: Dane FletcherIn the ordinary life of a human being, there is always some instances in which we all run on regrets and ‘I wish I knew, moments. When we get to such moments, we look back to where the rain started beating us and beat our heads against the wall cursing and lamenting. We feel stupid and sad both for not having foreseen the outcome of our decisions, choices and actions, and for not learning from our previous errors. Time and time again, we make the foolish decisions that cause as pain and misery, even when such outcomes can be predicted with ease.

That does not only happen in careers and family life. In fact, it is a paternalistic character of the human being, arguably. There such moments in bodybuilding too. In fact, maybe more than in ordinary life. When does a body builder lament?

After making resolute decisions to follow out a bodybuilding program and having committed ourselves totally to the pursuit of the program, along the way most of us miss the step. The diet becomes a bore and the training too demanding. And this is the first scenario that mothers regrets. Training hard day in day out, but failing id the area of dieting makes bodybuilding gains unachievable. After a while on the treadmill of unforgiving weights, a body builder comes to the full realization that his or her diet has caused the delay in gains. Regret of permissive eating behaviors hit home in a truckload.

If the training itself has been attended with inconsistency, soon enough the body builder comes to a realization that all these years of hard training have been made useless by inconsistency. Regrets are bitter and painful. Why didn’t I just keep doing it? Why did I miss training so often? We usually ask ourselves when the truth dawns on us of how much potential has gone down the drain.

In other times, we pursue training with all commitment and sacrifices due, but our greed and impatience wins against all wise counsel. At such times, many a potential body builders take up steroids to amplify gains in muscle mass and strength. In the short term, the gains are phenomenal. But within no time at all, health complications consequent to anabolic steroids use hit home and life becomes a liturgy of regrets. Today, thousands of body builders across the world bear the pain of having fallen prey to the addiction of anabolic steroids, lamenting that they should have known better or at least headed to the warnings of their peers, friends and trainers.

But among all scenarios in which a body builder laments the most painfully, is the one of being left behind by peers. If a body builder starts training with friends all with acquaintances who eventually accumulate more gains and become more successful in their program as he or she slugs in the beginner stages of body building it hurts more than any single body builder is willing to admit. One regrets those times he or she negated his or her training, those times they took their dieting regimes forgranted, those times they missed training, those times they kept on postponing increasing their training intensity, those times they took short cuts and a score of other times during which the colleagues advanced.

Lamentations can easily be avoided in bodybuilding. But that demands nothing less that an addicts commitment to training and dieting.

Dane Fletcher is the world''s most prolific bodybuilding and fitness expert and is currently the executive editor for If you are looking for more bodybuilding tips or information on weight training, or supplementation, please visit, the bodybuilding and fitness authority site with hundreds of articles available FREE to help you meet your goals.

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