The Foods You Need to Start Eating to Lose Weight

The Foods You Need to Start Eating to Lose Weight

‘Looking skinny’ is the burning desire of every individual who is conscious of one’s desirable looks and grooming personality. But having a smart body with a sluggish mind is of no use. It may add stars to your beauty, appearance and outlook; but on the other hand, it may kill you from inside with a sword of hunger and diseases that may attack your body due to low immunity which is a consequence of nutrient deficiencies. It is therefore always advisable to choose smart methods of getting smarter!

Every food of nature is blessed with nutrients essential for our body as well as the mind. But, if one is determined for heading a journey towards losing weight, then choosing the right food for satisfying one’s appetite should be the dilemma on the hit list. Right food means that food that not only fulfills the hunger cravings but also supplies the body with all the required vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium and healthy carbohydrates for proper growth and nutrition so that burning of calories goes hand in hand with staying fit and healthy. Besides, the nutrients found in healthy food greatly assists in the daily work routines as they have stress reducing and refreshing effects upon the mind.

Below is the guideline for those who are seeking weight reduction methods while keeping themselves healthy not only physically, but mentally as well.

Healthy Foods


Raw almonds along with their butter product are a great helper in reducing weight. If one carries a handful of almonds daily as a substitute of an immediate snack or cracker, then following is the bundle of benefits that he will definitely get:

  • The antioxidants it carries assists greatly in putting your KGs off.
  • It has plenty of vitamin E which is extremely useful for glowing skin and healthy lovely beautiful hair.
  • Along with these benefits, the secret gift that almonds give is the vitamin B2 that amazingly works in reducing stress which is of great help in today’s challenging and competitive working modes.
Mind blowing gift of nature stands in the form of green tea that furnishes with more than twenty five benefits with only a few mentioned below:

Green Tea

  • It makes skinny by burning off calories if taken warm after regular meals owing to abundant of antioxidants in it that shows miracles.
  • Regular use of green tea can reduce cholesterol levels of the body to a great extent.
  • Besides, the antioxidants in green tea also add beauty and shine to hair, skin and nails.


The use of eggs in weight reduction sounds strange, but the astonishing miracles of egg are mentioned below:

  • Eggs; especially the egg yolk of the egg is rich in protein that can keep your appetite satisfied for the whole day long.
  • It carries glucagon that combats with fat of the tummy.


Enriched with calcium, yogurt amazingly aids in weight reduction in following way:

  • It carries probioticsprebiotics that discourage fat accumulation if taken without flavorings and preservatives.
  • It converts bad cholesterol into good.
  • It boosts immunity of the body.