Stop Wasting Food Plan Your Menus With Easy Dinner Recipes

Stop Wasting Food Plan Your Menus With Easy Dinner Recipes

Do you ever think about all of the food we waste each day in this country? Most of our families buy more groceries than they need, they don’t wind up cooking it, and they go out to dinner anyway. We get greasy pizza and fill up the landfill with pizza! If we do prepare the groceries, we usually throw away the leftovers.

With some thought we can reduce the amount of groceries we waste.

Simple Recipes

Step one is to plan our meal planner to create your organized shopping list. Choose a variety of easy recipes to please your family, guests and your self. Next take stock of what you already have in your pantry. Is there something you can reuse to prevent throwing wasting food? Terrific, make a note of those things and in your menu planner adjust your shopping list to add the item to the list of food you have in your pantry. Be certain to plan easy recipes to easy to achieve your plan to stop wasting food.

Another good strategy to avoid wasting is to choose easy recipes that have the some repeating food that you can use in more than one dinners. For example you can plan a roast on one day that you could reuse in another easy recipe later in the week. This works for both proteins and flavoring like bacon or herbs. Try to plan your easy recipes to work together.

Dinner Planner

Next print your shopping list and take it with you to the market. Try to shop the outermost aisles to avoid packaged food. Scan your pantry and shopping list again and make sure you have all the food on the list and there is no food that you need from the pantry list.

Terrific start. Now when you arrive home be sure to put your groceries, wrap carefully and store in the right area for the proper temperature for the food. Freeze any meats and poultry you won’t be using by the freeze by date on the packaging.

Simple Recipes

Now you can come home knowing what’s for dinner, you can make some easy recipes and you can stop wasting food. When there are leftovers, have them for lunch the next day. Or, make them into a stew. Try to recycle as much as you can.

Another great way to be more frugal with food is to plant a garden. Grow your own food and cut out the middle man. Everything tastes better when it is fresher. And if you have extras, share them with your friends. Just don’t plant to much zucchini or your friends may start avoiding you.

Now don’t you feel better? You’ve stopped wasting food, you are being kind to the earth and you have shared your extras with friends. Now it is time to start planning dinners for next week!

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