Med-A-Physical Whole Health Cleanse/Detox Program

Med-A-Physical Whole Health Cleanse/Detox Program

Physician-supported program
Join us for a safe, effective and practical physician-supported cleanse and detox protocol!

Are you longing to boost your metabolism and improve your energy? Do you feel it''s time to make a shift from some old, ingrained habits and capitalize on a new sense of well-being and zest for life? And how about the notion of carrying that momentum forward into increased focus, healthier habits and self-healing knowledge for your personal well-being toolkit? Would you like to know why we love our cleanse/detox program more than any other we know of? Because in addition to being safe and effective, it’s also practical, well-rounded, and blissfully free of gimmicks. But mostly what we love is it teaches participants how to incorporate the concepts into their everyday lives.

Why is this an amazing Cleanse/Detox program? Because we took the liberty of creating a program that is driven by results, practicality and response to a need. And fun - we love fun. This to us is about sharing what we know/ indeed what we’ve learned/ with other folks who are motivated to keep charge of their own health. Oh we’re excited to help, but ultimately we don’t believe in fostering relationships where we preach that we hold the keys to your health and well-being, and you have to go outside of yourself to get it.

The Four Week program includes:

  • plenty of easy to understand information about how and why this program is not only effective, but able to be integrated into your life from now on
  • cleanse and detox applications for the energy body, soul and spirit as well as the physical body
  • a series of 6 acupuncture treatments to complement and boost the effects of the program
  • healing sessions/journey meditations to assist in clearing the energy body
  • physician group and individual support
  • guided tour of local health food market
  • concepts which can be shared with loved ones and friends going forward
  • food samples and much more!

Meeting Dates: TBA

Introduction and Pre-Contemplation Information
This is now an audio file available for download once you contact Karen. Listen to learn about the philosophy behind and benefits of our program, get answers to frequently asked questions, and prepare you to "kick it into gear" for the official program start.

Week 1
Toolkits stocked, we are ready to go. We receive our first energy body cleanse, review recipes and simple cooking tips, sample an awesome dish, and Q & A.

Week 2
Debrief and learn more simple ways to live free of toxicity as well as: energy body re-balancing, “Healing Through Whole Foods” talk, and Q & A.

Week 3
Debrief and prepare for emergence from cleanse/detox, learn keys to self-healing, how to create a personal “stillness practice,” and experience an awesome “food meditation.”

Week 4
Debrief and discuss the road ahead. At the end of this session, we will have a celebratory reception and ceremony.

Join on-site or remotely*. For more information or to register, call Karen at 603-714-0217, or email

Cost $199 for on-site participants, $119 for remote participants, cash, check, credit card or Paypal. It’s more fun to share the experience with friends/family- get a discount for registering a group of 4 or more (call for details).

*Cost for remote participants is program fee minus benefits such as community acupuncture treatments, guided tour of health foods market, or food sample tastings.