Max Performance Specialist

Max Performance Specialist

Cordyceps mushrooms come from the small Southwestern regions of China in Tibet, Nepal and nearby provinces in the high Himalayas. The altitude extremes (over 11,000 feet), together with the isolated and severe habitats made the natural gathering and harvest of this amazing mushroom rare, difficult and very expensive. Available only to the Chinese Emperors and the very wealthy for over 5,000 years, it is prized as the most expensive herb in the world. The traditional Chinese doctors would use the Cordyceps mushroom to energize, improve health, and treat many ailments that were classified as "Life Extender" - and was designated as the first anti-aging supplement in history to be enjoyed in royal courts by the Kings and Queens of ancient dynasties.

Using an organic growing method, a pure cordyceps mushroom product is produced with 1500% higher HEA and cordycepin than the best wild collected samples...
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I would like to share with you my personal story on cordyceps that I believe saved my boy, Weiton. He was an extremely premature baby that came 4 months early and weighed just under 2 lbs. He had hemorrhages a few days after he was born which resulted in hydrocephalus. After months in intensive care, his condition was deteriorating. He needed to be shunted. However, the doctors were unable to decide on what to do with Weiton because he was on the ventilator and too weak to have any surgery. The risk of having infection and meningitis were too high if Weiton was unable to breath by himself. I was desperate. I called my mother who happened to suggest that if the doctors could not help him, I should think ''out of the box'' and try the Chinese herb, cordyceps, to strengthen his lungs. I started that because I was desperate and wanted to try anything that might help my boy. I took the cordyceps myself on daily basis so he could get that through tube feeding of the breast milk.

Miracle happened. Weiton was breathing without ventilator support in two weeks. He had shunt insertion and sustained through four surgeries. He was out of intensive care in a month after I first tried the cordyceps. Within 6 months, he was off oxygen support. The doctors expected Weiton to have frequent trips to hospital in the first two years of life due to his condition. It did not happen. The doctors told me he was a miracle baby. Personally, for what had happened after I started using cordyceps, I do not think it is just coincidence. I strongly believe that cordyceps saved my boy.

Today, Weiton is a healthy 8 year-old boy who hardly gets a cold. He and I are taking Max Performance as our health supplement.

- Cheng, Michigan

You can learn about Coryceps by searching for keyword ''coryceps'' online. For details and facts, Dr. Tai wrote a book on Miracles of Cordyceps, published in 2005. Please click here for more information.