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Functional Movements we all should be using  Home Fitness Equipment Experts Blog

Functional Movements we all should be using

Posted by Chris A on December 24, 2008 under Fitness, Fitness Equipment, Fitness Habits, Strength Training, Workout Variety

     Has it ever dawned on you that the exercises that the “top fitness coaches” continuously recommend are never the latest Hi-Tech machines? Why is it then that equipment manufacturers and commercial gyms are constantly bombarding us with their latest creations of reinventing the wheel? You know, like the new cybertron calf or glute toner machine guaranteed to tone or shape those hardgainer bodyparts with its patented spring technology! It’s because there is a lot more profit in a complex $5000 piece of equipment than there is in a dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, or god forbid your own body weight. Not that machines don’t have their place, but come on enough already. If you can’t master body weight movements, do you think you really should be using leverage machines to make your exercise easier or more convenient?

   Anyway, sorry about the rant. I’ll save that debate for later… Back to the topic at hand. Functional Movements that we all should be doing! Now the following list isn’t cutting edge, in fact you’ve probably been told to use these exercises in the past, but glanced over them thinking “I’m not a beginner” or “I use them”. But do you? And even if you do use them, do you vary the methods and countless variations of them in your routine to keep it fresh?

Squatting                    bodyweight, free weights, kettlebell, bands

Deadlifting                  free weights, bands, kettlebells, sandbags 

Horizontal Pressing      bench press, pushup, bands, cables

Horizontal Pulling        cable rows, bands, free weights

Vertical Pressing         military presses w/free weights, bands, KB’s

Vertical Pulling            chins, pulldowns, bands, cables

Dragging/Pushing        sled drags/sled pushing

     These functional movements should make up the core of your training program. As you can see there are plenty of variations and methods to use with them (and these are only a few). This is where an experienced strength coach can help you implement them into your training based on your goals. The main reason you should be incorporating these functional exercises into your fitness routine is that, well their “functional exercises”. This basically means that they will transfer to your every day life in terms of benefit or value. You see, focusing on isolation exercises or machine exercises where leverage assists you takes away the balance and stability necessary to perform real world movements. Functional exercise movements use many muscle groups at once both to move the body and stabilize and balance all at the same time. Clearly a much better return on investment than performing a bicep isolation curl. So if your still doing the same Circuit machine routine from the 80’s, maybe you should try incorporating these movements into your routine and start getting some real results. I promise you’ll see a huge difference in your efforts!

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