Here, briefly, are a few more actual cases of arthritis having been healed, as follows:

Mrs. E. L., 47, Algaras, Sweden

Mrs. E. L. noticed the first symptoms of arthritis in 1956. She felt a dull pain and stiffness in her hands. The pain spread to the other joints: elbows, shoulders, legs, and feet. Eventually the whole body was affected and the pain became more and more intense.

She was referred by her doctor to the Lidkoping Hospital. There she received x-ray treatments plus some drugs. In 1957 her doctor prescribed cortisone. In 1958 she was treated with gold injections at the Mariestad Hospital which resulted in slight improvement in her knees. In 1961 she was again treated with gold injections and other drugs in Nynashamn Hospital but without any improvement. She stayed at the hospital for two months.

During all these years of conventional treatments with drugs, x-rays, cortisone, and gold injections her condition was gradually getting worse. Her joints were badly deformed and the pain became more and more unbearable.

Finally, in 1962, Mrs. E. L. came to the Bjorkagarden Institute. She stayed there six weeks and fasted five days on juices. She felt great improvement; pain and stiffness disappeared. In 1963 she returned for six more weeks and this time she fasted ten days.

After a second visit to Bjorkagarden her arthritis was all but gone. Pain disappeared and joints became flexible and mobile. She continued with the lactovegetarian diet in her home, and reported to me in August, 1966 that she felt great and had no recurrence.

Mrs. I. B., 39, Borlange, Sweden

Mrs. I. B. was stricken with arthritis at the age of 22. First, she noticed a swelling in the joints and then later stiffness and pain. She was treated with various drugs. Her condition was steadily getting worse until 1958 when she had to go to a hospital in Halmstad. She made several hospital visits during 1958-63. In spite of these treatments and several drugs she didn’t notice any improvement in her condition.

In 1964 she came to Bjorkagarden Institute. She stayed there three weeks and fasted three times. After three weeks of intensive biological treatments and fasts her arthritis was completely gone. In answer to my inquiry as to the results of her treatments in Bjorkagarden and the permanency of her cure, Mrs. I. B. wrote, in September, 1966:

“Results were fantastic. No arthritis left… No relapses!”

Mr. S. K., 40, Stockholm

The first symptoms of arthritis appeared in 1952. The contributing cause: a stubborn case of chronic tonsilitis. The pain in his joints continued on and off for several years. A visit to a doctor resulted in the removal of his tonsils. But the pain and the stiffness in the joints didn’t disappear. With the passing years it only seemed to become worse.

Finally, he was referred to the Sodersjukhuset in Stockholm. There he was treated with gold injections.

In 1957 he started with cortisone. At first he felt great improvement. Then the pain and the stiffness returned. In 1959 he was sent to the Karolinska Institute and stayed there three months—no improvement.

During 1961 and 1962 he was trying to keep going with the help of cortisone—16 milligrams a day, a very heavy dose. In addition to cortisone he was taking various other drugs, including sulfa drugs and salicylates. He estimates that during a period of six years he had consumed 25,000 aspirin tablets! All these drugs didn’t help his condition at all. His arthritis was getting progressively worse with aggravated and intensified pain and stiffness.

In 1963 Mr. S. K. went to Brandals Clinic. Treatments at Brandal started with the traditional fast. He fasted for 20 days and felt better and better with each day of fasting. After the first week all pain and stiffness disappeared. For the first time in many years he could clench his hands together. After 20 days of fasting, consequent special diet, and other biological treatments his long battle with arthritis was finally won.