2 Day SlimDown Ingredients

2 Day SlimDown Ingredients

What are the ingredients in the 2 Day SlimDown?

2 Day SlimDown works on 2 Basic Principles, Thermogenesis & Supplementation. Thermogenesis comes from a unique combination of vitamins and herbal teas.

Vitamin C - 89 mg (100%) - assists in the production of interferon: is a potent antioxidant: fights cancer and heart disease enhances T-cell production of collagen. Maintains capillary integrity: contributes to healthy teeth and gums. Aids in iron absorption: promotes wound healing: enhances general immunity. Boosts immune system and reduce symptoms of colds, asthma, and allergies. Strengthens blood vessels, helps the body resist infection, and plays a crucial role in the healing of wounds, broken bones, and surgical operations.

Vitamin B6 - 4 mg (200%) - is a B-complex micronutrient, also known as pyridoxine. Boost immunity, protects against nervous disorders, helps produce red blood cells and plays an important role in hormone balance. Vitamin B6 is an antioxidant, it causes the proliferation of lymphocytes and antibodies, especially when confronted with disease- causing agent. Concentrated in meats and whole grains. May help regulate eye pressure, alleviate fatigue, and cure carpal tunnel syndrome.

Vitamin B12 - 10 mcg (320%) - Aids in the production from fats and carbohydrates and in the production of amino acids. It plays a role in nerve building. Deficiency causes neurological problems and confusion, depression and memory loss.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) - 30 mcg (50%) - helps the body produce energy, metabolize fats and carbohydrates, and manufacture fatty acids as well as sex and adrenal hormones. Deficiency causes pellagra, characterized by rough, cracked skin and diarrhea. Therapeutically, it is used in the treatment of schizophrenia, high blood pressure and blood cholesterol, arthritis, Raynaud''s disease and lack of blood circulation to the extremities.

Chromium Polynicotinate - 30 mcg - It works by making the body''s insulin function correctly. Insulin builds muscles by stimulating amino acid uptake, while accelerating fat breakdown. This improves metabolism so that the body relies more on using stored fats. The results are more energy, and the reshaping of the body to a leaner, trimmer and firmer form.

Aloe Vera Gel - Historically has been used to treat human medical problems from A to Z. It has been called nature''s healing miracle. Aloe settles nerves, cleans, detoxifies, and normalizes metabolism. Aloe Vera is a complete nutritional organic whole food.

In terms of its components, the Aloe Vera plant has been determined to contain substantial amounts of over 39 essential vitamins and minerals and all 23 amino acids. In fact, out of the over 150,000 botanicals, Aloe Vera is the only one that contains this many nutrients that are essential to human existence.

Aloe Vera''s secret curative quality is not only in its component ingredients, but also in its high oxygen carrying capacity. It is a well-known fact that oxygen is one of the most important elements necessary to sustain life … and the pure juice of Aloe Vera contains more oxygen molecules than the fluids of any other known plant. The growth of cancer cells is initiated by a relative lack of oxygen. Cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich environment.

Finally, Aloe Vera is one of the very best body cleansers and can bring amazing results, when used regularly. It helps clean morbid matter from the stomach, liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder, and small intestines. It is the finest colon cleanser known. Aloe Vera has powerful healing and soothing properties, and many say it aids in relief from stomach disorders, eliminates problems, and numerous other symptomatic conditions.

Garcinia Cambogia - The extract of a tropical Asian fruit, also known as Malabar tamarind or brindall berry. It is rich in hydroxy citric acid (HCA) which some studies show may help prevent the liver from forming fats from dietary carbohydrates. HCA increases the production and storage of glycogen, while reducing appetite and weight gain. HCA also causes calories to be burned in an energy cycle similar to thermogenesis.

Ginseng Tea - The Chinese call Ginseng a cure-all. It is excellent in building resistance against stress, both mental and physical. It has been considered by many people to slow the aging process.

Burdock Root Tea - Extremely good for removing toxins from the body. It''s a strong blood purifier and cleanser and a good source of insulin. This is one of the best herbs for severe skin problems and skin irritations. Also good for advanced cases of arthritis. It may help pain from rheumatism and backache.

Licorice Root Tea - This herb works as a mild laxative. Used to strengthen both heart and circulatory system. Helps put vitality into the body. Has also been used successfully for injured throat muscles.

Fennel Seed Tea - Fennel is one of the most highly recommended remedies for gas, stomach acid, gout, cramps and spasms. It is an excellent obesity fighter and a good liver cleanser.

Sumac Tea - A tea made of this herb is very cleansing to the system. There are few better for treating sores and cankers in the mouth. It works well for all bowel complaints.

Pau d''Arco Tea - This is the Brazilian "miracle herb" that protects your immune system. It is an excellent disease preventative. The Indians call it Taheebo, the Portuguese, Ipe Roxo, and the Spanish, La Pacho or Tabebuia.

This fascinating herb is taken from the inner bark of the tall tree called La Pacho. It is an ozoniferous plant and grows only in the mountains of the Andes where there is ozone. Ozone air is fresh, pure, and free from pollution, smog, exhaust smoke, and pesticides. Pau D''Arco is a safe, natural blood purifier and lymphatic cleanser.

This tree''s miraculous inner bark has been used by medicine men and ancient healers for hundreds of years, only to be re-discovered by traditional health practitioners in the last twenty years. Researchers have discovered that Pau D''Arco is the only type of vegetation known that will not permit the development of fungus, making it very effective in the control of yeast and mold allergies.

Pau D''Arco contains Quechua, a substance found to be a powerful natural antibiotic with virus-killing properties. South American medical doctors who discovered Lapacho in the pharmacopoeia of the natives were the first to experiment with it as a tea for cancer patients. Americans have been using Lapacho tea for some few years now.

This bark, when ingested (usually in tea form), has been used by those with leukemia, arthritis, yeast and fungus infections. It has been found to be an effective analgesic, sedative, decongestant, diuretic and hypotensive. It has been hailed for its positive effects on candida.

Traditional herbalists agree that it strengthens and balances the immune system and is currently used as a remedy for immune system-related problems such as colds, flu, boils, and infections. Lapacho, a proven antibiotic, is often used in America to treat yeast infections. Experts say it can also arm the body against viral infestations like AIDS. Researchers isolated a substance in Lapacho tea that apparently contains a chemical chain, anti-tumor agent called quechua. They found it to be a powerful antibiotic, with virus-killing properties.

Some feel that one of the most significant contributions of Lapacho tea is the elimination of pain. Apparently this takes about 3 days of drinking a quart of Red or purple Lapacho tea each day, properly prepared, and 2-3 cups per day thereafter. Tests indicate that the toxicity of Lapacho tea is about 1/10 that of caffeine. The only reported side effect seems to be nausea experienced by a few people when the tea is first used. This is said to be a purging effect, and that once the poisons are purged from the body the nausea goes away.

Ginkgo Biloba Tea - Research studies indicate that the use of Ginkgo Biloba can help improve blood circulation to the brain. This can in turn help memory and reaction time. Good for Alzheimer''s and senility, chronic ringing in the ears, arthritis, rheumatism and coldness in the body. It can improve peripheral blood circulation, improve one''s mood and sociability, improve lung and bronchial congestions, improve eye weakness caused by poor circulation, and relieve anxiety. Twenty million people in Europe regularly take this herb to stay healthier and feeling younger.

Peppermint Tea - Everyone who drinks coffee should consider replacing it with a cup of peppermint tea. Coffee brings so many harmful effects to the body. It weakens the heart, is bad for digestion, and can cause constipation. On the other hand, Peppermint has a very good taste and is a most splendid remedy for headaches. If more people used Peppermint they would find their entire system working more normally. Peppermint is excellent for severe headaches.

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