Wilderness Medicine, Beyond First Aid

Wilderness Medicine, Beyond First Aid

The Review:

Living out in the wild, in the wilderness, is a contest with Nature. Most of the time, man wins the contest, but sometimes.

stuff happens. Section One is about Assessment and begins with that key question: scene safe? Then Dr Forgey takes his reader via the Abcd''s, important signs, levels of consciousness, head to toe examination, shock, respiration fees, pulses, and Cpr. (the numbers for chest compressions and breaths has been changed by the Aha since Dr Forgey updated "Wilderness Medicine, Beyond First Aid", but that is a minor bug.

)chapter Two is about organism solution management. The focus of this section is on the solutions in the head but the abdomen and reproductive solution are given chapters as well. There is also a very nice, short module on poisoning from food poisoning to shellfish poisoning. Section Three covers soft tissue wounds and procedures.

and suturing and stapling. Section Four covers orthopedic injuries from head to foot.

Section Five covers bites and stings and anaphylactic shock. Interest-ingly Dr Forgey finds that rubber suction cups are as worthless as mouth suction. His lone endorsement is the Sawyer Extractor (which is available from Amazon. com).

Section Six is on infectious condition. Dr Forgey lists the most signif-icant *wilderness* conditions for North America and the world should one be contesting Nature abroad. Section Seven''s environmental injuries include hypothermia, heat stress, high altitude related diseases, and.

being struck by lightning. Step current is caused when lightning hass struck and the current spreads out like a wave across the ground and the victim''s feet are various distances from the strike point. Since the organism has less resistance than the ground, a circuit is completed.

There are two helpful appendices at the end of the book. I am Ems certified and as a Bls trainer. I had a few quibbles with Dr Forgey such as his choice of prescription meds to list in one of the appendices. However I had no major disagreements and found the book to be more simply readable than any Ems book I have read.

Lots of nuts and bolts and no fluff. Also as I write this review, I am getting ready a emergency aid segment for a Tcleose course on mantracking. Dr Forgey''s book offered me with plenty of detail and anecdotes to include. However just as the title says "Wilderness Medicine, Beyond First Aid" is about wilderness medicine *beyond* emergency aid.

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