Things I L.O.V.E. Post 2

Things I L.O.V.E. Post 2

Hello All!

I hope that we had truly magical Valentine’s Days. And if we didn’t, I hope that we didn’t get sick from all of the Valentine’s Day candy we ate in front of our “Our Demand” menu screens.

Keeping true to my promise of giving you things that I L.O.V.E. for the month of February, I wanted to introduce you to a new product by what (sad but true) is a forgotten drugstore line, Maybelline. Baby Lips is a great new product that I have become obsessed with. I’m not even sure what sparked my initial interest in this product…I think my obsession is due in LARGE part to the ad campaign, mixed with the hype, mixed with the colorful tube the actual product comes in…who knows!

Baby Lips Left: Peach Kiss, Right: Cherry Me

Anyway, Baby Lips is hailed to be a kind of all in one lip chap. It says it contains clinical strength lip renewing formula that will produce “baby lips” in four weeks flat. MM sure, GREAT!

My biggest selling points:

  • I’m not sure if that’s true, but I do know the first day I put it on my lips were incredibly soft.
  • This stuff smells fruity but it doesn’t taste fruity which is so convenient because every time I get a lip-gloss with any kind of flavor I lick it off within a minute of application.
  • The color! It is really subtle and pretty. I have Peach Kiss and Cherry Me, and I must say Cherry Me is super pretty on. Just the right amount of red stain.
  • The texture is so smooth. Even though it stays on you’ll want to reapply every second. I bought Peach Kiss first, maybe 2 weeks ago, and half the tube is gone :/ whoopsy.

OK!, So this stuff obviously gets my stamp of approval and I bought mine at target for $2.50 so there’s really nothing to lose in trying it.

Now go get yourself some BB Lips!


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