Starting Out

Starting Out

Many of us when thinking of losing weight or eating healthy, exercising etc, find it difficult to start. We don’t know where to turn or who to turn too. With all the weight loss products out there and all the promises made very few of them actually deliver on their promise to help you lose the extra pounds.

Besides they are more interested in making money off you than actually building a relationship with you, or giving you something that will benefit you for the better. Over a year ago I was diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetic , I weigh about 273.2 lbs and I desperately needed to find something that would help me lose weight, get healthier and have a normal productive life with my family.

Well I tried just about everything I could find and nothing worked and I had almost given up on ever being able to lose the weight, then I came across Skinny Fiber. It is the main product of a company called SkinnyBodyCare and it has had amazing results in the lives of many people in 100 Countries.

I recently joined the company as a distributor and am on the Skinny Fiber product. I started their 90 day Challenge program on August 14th 2014 and I am really excited. I will be posting testimonies of not only myself but of others that have had success on the product.

My goal is to build relationships one healthy person at a time by helping them achieve and succeed at their weight loss goals.

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