Simple steps to understand the digestive system.

Simple steps to understand the digestive system.

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Why all these health problems today with our digestive system? Why is the whole planet getting out of balance? Man is trying to solve his own problems in every area of his life and it is a disaster. We must get back to the basics of how we were made, how our bodies function and our environment needs to be clean in every way. This may sound discouraging so let’s focus on the part we can do something about.

Let’s focus on our digestive system at this site. We all know we need to get proper exercise sleep and manage stress. Stress can play a big part in our unhealthy digestion problems. It’s not what happens, it’s how we handle it. For most problems today I believe you need to Alkalize first, cleanse second and then build. If you don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables you really need to focus on coral calcium mineral water.This will really help to put the digestive system back in balance and help restore the right PH.

Parasites are a BIG problem today. They are a big problem right here in the U.S. Most of the medical profession are blind to this problem and treat many digestive system problems that are parasitical problems. You can get parasites several ways. Most people think of improper hygiene. This is only one of the many ways you can get parasites. Eating meat that is not fully cooked or lettuce that has not been properly washed. If your body doesn’t produce enough HCI parasite eggs can get through to the intestine where they can hatch and thrive. The purpose of HCI is to start the breakdown of protein and it separates the fats and oils from our food. It separates minerals from the food and it helps us to obtain many of our vitamins. You may nedd some enzymes to help you digest better. If you are over the age of 40 or you have digestive system problems consider taking some enzymes. I would like for you to try ASSIMILATOR. Click on the HTN link on this page to learn more about alkalizing and the assimilator to help you digest better. Click on the next two links below to learn more about parasites and see what can live in your digestive system.

Today many people are getting a condition known as Candida. Candida is also a parasite. It can form from yeast living in all of our digestive systems. Some of the things that can cause it to thrive are having mercury fillings in your mouth or taking to many antibiotics that kills off our good bacteria.

I had Candida from a mouth full of mercury fillings. Believe me it can make your life miserable. I also had tapeworms that measured as long as my arm. I read they can live in the body up to thirty years. I probably picked them up because I used to eat pork years ago. Learn more about Candida by clicking on the link below.

Death begins in the colon and the rest of the body is fed from there. If you have severe constipation you need to cleanse. Some people go 5 days without eliminating. This causes a build up of toxins. I read info that the movie star John Wayne had a build of of over 30 pounds of waste in his colon when they checked after he died. It makes sense to alkalize first to set up a good environment and then add to that by cleaning out all the parasites and bad bacteria with Silver-Max. Third you would build up with good bacteria. Don''t forget you may also need some enzymes to help your digestive system especially if you have food allergies. My son was allergic to chocolate until I put him on enzymes.

A good book I found helpful was “colon Health, The Key to a Vibrant Life" by Norman W. Walker, D.Sc., Ph.D. Colon problems can lead to many other health problems. Remember death begins in the colon. Educate yourself. Want to learn more now. Click on PH below.

One thing to remember when you start the detoxification process is to go slow until you see how much you can tolerate. It can be uncomfortable and dangerous to go to fast. It can cause flu-like symptoms and your muscles will ache a lot. Start now to produce a healthy happy body. Thank you for visiting my site.

Check out the link below to find out how to receive a 1 month supply of the alkalization product FREE to get started now. The natural professionals say that people who are alkaline don''t get cancer. Take a look at the assimilator if you feel you need enzymes.

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