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Elliptical  best-health-reviews

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elliptical exercise machinesHow accurate are calorie counters on elliptical exercise machines?

Question by oldpink18: How accurate are calorie counters on elliptical exercise machines?

Whenever I workout on my elliptical machine it says I burned alot of calories but I don’t feel like it was that hard. For example I worked out for about 30 minutes at a resistance level of 10 and it said I burned about 650 calories. Is this accurate? If not, any ideas on how much its off by? more....

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elliptical machinesElliptical machines offer low impact, total body workout that even the beginner will benefit from Can

Since its introduction some years ago, elliptical machines are more popular and technically advanced. Surveys show that as many as six million people prefer elliptical machines as their choice for home exercise equipment. more....

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ellipticalFit with an Elliptical Trainer

While running is an excellent cardio exercise, it is to train not always the most convenient way. Bad weather, schedules, and joint problems are just a few inconveniences that may interrupt a jogging program. Working Group from a home is a great alternative, but it can be terribly discouraging to have to piece together a number of routines (or unplug devices), a full body workout. were a few years ago, the hottest equipment to take the place of jogging the treadmill and stepper. ‘But this particular equipment is bulky and usually require dedicated floor space. Treadmills in particular have not the impact that the facility running on our knees and ankles have. A wonderful alternative that is sweeping through the world of fitness, the elliptical. It imitates the motion of running without you remove your foot from the pedals. Not only the movements are very fluid, but you almost feel that you glide, instead of steps more....

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I read for people with bad knees that an elliptical machine would be beneficial. more....

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