Choosing a Therapist for the Treatment of Teen Anxiety

Choosing a Therapist for the Treatment of Teen Anxiety

Once an anxiety condition has been diagnosed in the teen, the parents may well decide on the recommendation of the doctor, for the teen to have therapy .


Deciding which therapist to choose can be quite a complicated task for the parents simply due to the fact that there are so many therapists available, each one specializing in treating a certain type of anxiety.

There will be a therapist who treats Panic anxiety, another who specializes in the treatment of Acute Stress Anxiety, so the parent should be sure that the therapist selected is familiar and experienced in the type of anxiety diagnosed in the teen.

Usually Cognitive Behavioral Therapists deal with general anxiety problems by focusing on the teens thought patterns which generate the anxiety, some factors to be considered in the selection of the correct therapist are—

Selecting a Correct Therapist for Treating Teen General Anxiety.

n Base the selection on the advice of friends and the teens doctor.

n Check out that the therapist has much experience of working with teenagers, it is different from working with adults.

n Ensure that the therapist specializes in the type of anxiety diagnosed in the teen.

n Speak to the therapist and formulate a personal opinion or feeling about him/he, as to whether he/she is the right one for the teen.

n After selecting a therapist, allow the teen and the therapist to establish a trusting working relationship. Talk to the teen after a few sessions and ascertain just how he/she feels about the therapist. If the teen feels at all uncomfortable, the parent should speak to the therapist or even consider changing to another.

n If the decision is made to find another therapist, the decision should be thought about carefully, since swapping about may upset the teen to the degree that he/she refuses to visit a therapist completely.

Having finally settled on a suitable therapist, it is important for the parent to speak to the doctor in charge of the teens case, to ensure that any prescribed medicines work for the benefit of the teen, in combination with the therapy, to overcome the teen anxiety condition.

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