Acme Juicer: A Great Instant Juicer

Acme Juicer: A Great Instant Juicer

The Acme Juicer is able to convert fresh fruits as well as vegetables into a spray of highly dense as well as pure juices in a trice and has been hailed as one of the best juicers all across the world when it comes to obtaining essential nutrients from fresh vegetables as well as fruits.

The Acme juicer is not like other blenders and liquefiers and it is able to grind food into a homogenous mass by cleanly separating the juice from the pulp. It has a powerful centrifugal action with an inner basket spinning at 60 times per second thus it will be forcing the pure juice through thousands of very minute side openings that don’t let the pulp through and makes it adhere to the side and so it is very easy to dispose of the pulp. Article On: Astro Juicer

Capturing Every Last Drop of Moisture

The Acme juicer is able to mine every last drop of moisture from various fruits as well as vegetables and so makes a very deep juice that is far too rich and tasty as compared to other juicers and it retains the incomparable taste of garden-fresh juices to give the user a special treat.

The Acme Juicers is ideal for making juices for children to enable them to savor the wholesome raw juice everyday and one would not need to worry about any artificial ingredients, either. In addition, the sweet taste of fresh juice would be relished by kids since one is assured of absolute quality and purity.

Raw juice is good for easy digestion and for the elderly, who may not be able to chew a raw carrot, or who may have trouble in digesting crisp apples, they can still enjoy the nutritiously rich fruit and vegetable juices produced by the Acme juicer.

It is believed that a glass of celery juice produced by an Acme juicer would have the same appetizing flavor as that of a crispy stalk of celery. Also, the Acme juicer produces pulp-free juice regardless of the kind of fresh produce used and the whole family can enjoy the pleasure of drinking vegetable and fruit juices as never before.

The Acme juicer has a perfectly balanced flywheel to eliminate “walking†as well as other vibrations. In addition, with a light twist it can release a patented clutch that enables all parts of the unit to come free, thus making it easier to clean. The induction-type motor contains no brushes that would wear out and requires no maintenance or lubrication. One may able to pick up this item for under two hundred dollars.