5 Overlooked Diet Tips That Can Make Weight Loss Easier

5 Overlooked Diet Tips That Can Make Weight Loss Easier

You can’t avoid this fact: to lose weight you have to be in a negative caloric balance. You simply can’t avoid the law of thermodynamics. Having said that, it does pay to focus on the smaller details.

You see, sometimes looking at your nutrition though a microscope-like vantage point can make a serious difference.

Thus, here are 5 overlooked tips that can make weight loss easier:

1. Drinking ever 1-2 hours is best: You can’t simply drink water whenever you eat or whenever you feel thirsty. For optimal hydration, sipping on water every 1-2 hours is best. You see, your body is constantly dehydrating like an hourglass.

2. Dark honey is the healthiest sweetener: Not only is it high in anti oxidants, but it tastes really good. Use dark honey instead of sugar or other nutrient-deprived sources of sweetness. And if possible, use artificial sweeteners such as xylitol or stevia, but in extreme moderation.

3. Ignore the hype around saturated fats: The research is very clear here, saturated fats from animal sources cause insulin resistance, the deposition of arterial fat and bad cholesterol profiles. So make sure you stay away from saturated fats even if you are going on a high protein diet.

4. Insulin resistance can block fat loss independent of caloric intake: It’s very hard and expensive to tell if you are insulin resistant. The easiest way is to look at the size of your abdomen. A larger abdomen is an indicator of insulin resistance. If this is the case, make legumes your only source of carbs.

5. Plant saturated fats are healthy: Not all saturated fats are created equal. You see, plant saturated fats have longer carbon chains which makes them much healthier than animal saturated fats. In fact, coconut, for instance, could be considered a “super food”, per se.

Never forget that a net negative caloric balance is required for weight loss. But don’t lose sight of the small stuff either. Paying attention to the details can make dieting an order of magnitude easier for you!

Author Katherine Crawford, a fitness physiologist and former arm fat sufferer, teaches women how to lose arm flab swiftly. Figure out how to get sexy arms by exploring her website about how to shake weight right now!

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